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School Programs for Acceleration and Recovery Credit

Blended credit recovery and credit advancement classes provide high school students with access to small group, independent, and teacher-led instruction with online vendor content in a school-based computer lab. Students work at their own pace to complete course requirements and earn credit.

All SPARC courses are Self Paced Blended Learning (SPBL). A “blended course” means one in which less than 80% of the instruction is conducted online. While some students may be successful with the MSDE 80/20 model, the role of the teacher is to determine the level of face to face support each student needs in order to meet with success. Some students may require more that 20% support from their teacher. This program personalizes the learning process for each student based on their needs.  

Courses Offered




Social Studies



Algebra I

Algebra II



Statistics and Probability

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Earth Systems Living Systems

American Government

US History

World History



CRD Intro

If you are
 interested in enrolling in a course please fill out this form and someone will contact you. For more information, please contact your school counselor or Ms. Burkhardt  [email protected] 

SPARC staff:

Laura Burkhardt: Science, Health, CRD: [email protected] 

Kevin Maccallini: Social Studies: [email protected]

Dixie Maier: [email protected]

Jen Russo: English: [email protected]

Jeff Starr: Math:  [email protected]