World Languages and ESOL

The World Languages and ESOL departments offer courses designed to develop students’ ability to communicate in more than one language.  Studying a second language not only enables students to communicate with people of other countries and cultures, but also helps them to better understand their own language and culture.


Nancy Yetter,
[email protected]           Department Chair 

C. Cole, [email protected]                           ESOL

M. Frye, [email protected]                          ESOL

M. Jonsson, [email protected]             ESOL 

N. Wolcott, [email protected]                ESOL

O. Constant, [email protected]           French

S. Rhodes-Robinson, [email protected] French

J. McGraw, [email protected] Spanish

D. Donnelly, [email protected] Spanish

A. Spinner, [email protected] Spanish

M. Peterson, [email protected] Spanish