Business Education

Business Administration is one of the most widely valued degrees in the modern work environment, as it provides a solid grounding in many areas of business and is flexible enough to prepare graduates for employment in many different careers.

Thanks to the understanding the course provides in many different areas of business, graduates can choose to pursue a career in varied disciplines such as marketing, operations, or administrative work.

In the modern job market, employers are increasingly seeking to find employees with the potential to contribute in multiple areas of the business – or who at least have an awareness of how their work can impact the rest of the company. This awareness is something a business administration degree indicates to them.

Upon graduation students can enter employment, register for apprenticeship, earn industry certification, attend a private/postsecondary school, and/or earn a certificate or degree at a two- or four-year college. Capstone Work Study may be available to eligible students in their junior and senior year

The Diploma to Credential program is designed for BCPS students who want to earn workplace certification or credit certificate with their high school diploma. Students enrolled in a BCPS Career and Technology Education (CTE) Pathway program may apply certain high school courses towards the certification. Please see your school counselor for specific eligibility requirements and details.

Dundalk also has a student-run credit union called the Owl Branch that is part of the First Financial Credit Union.  Any student, teacher, or relative may become a member of this full service branch that is open every day during all lunch shifts.

Courses offered in the Business Department at Dundalk High School include:

Principles of Business, Administration, and Management

Accounting I

Marketing I

Business Capstone/Internship/College

Business Education Teachers:

Ms. Jade Allen- [email protected] - Principles of Business, Marketing I

Ms. Keisha Boston - [email protected] - Principles of Business

Mr. Christopher Celmer - [email protected] - Principles of Business, Introduction to Career Research & Development

Mr. Steven Oppenheim –
[email protected] – Accounting, Principles of Business Owl Branch Advisor

Mr. Kevin Sams – [email protected] – Work-Based Learning Program, Career Research & Development, Department Chair

Ms. Lisa Shipley - [email protected] - Introduction to Career Research & Development, Advanced Career Research & Development

Mr. Kevin Tran - [email protected]Introduction to Career Research & Development