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Student course registration for the 2024-2025 school year will take place December 14th, 2023-January 12th, 2024. School counselors will be visiting all Social Studies classes and meet with students individually to select courses for 2024-2025 schedules. If students are absent, they may miss an opportunity to request choices for the courses they have scheduled next school year. 


Please use the following academic planning materials to assist you in developing an appropriately challenging and rigorous schedule for the 2024-2025 school year that fit your students' interests and academic/college/career goals." 

Registration Presentation

Grade Level 4 Year Planning Form

Graduation Requirements

Directions for Student Registration Using the FOCUS Student Portal:

Department Handouts/Course Guides

 Department Contacts:

 School Counselors:


Need Assistance:


Registration Timeline:

  • November 21-December 2 – Teacher Recommendations in the portal
  • December 5-8 – Show Registration Video in Homeroom/Period 1
    • Social Studies/ESOL Teachers will review Registration Video, Student Portal, Student Planning Handout
  • December 9-23 - Students register in Social Studies classes using FOCUS portal (part 1)
  • December 15/16 - Holabird MS
  • December 20/21 – Dundalk MS
  • January 3-11 - Students register in Social Studies/ESOL classes using the FOCUS portal (part 2)
  • January 12-13 – Make Up Student Registration
  • January 17-20 - Course Verification Forms distributed in Social Studies
  • January 23-27 - Course Corrections (please complete form above)
  • January 30-February 2 – School Counselors make Course Corrections