English/ Language Arts

OwlAll English courses encourage students to read critically , write effectively, listen carefully, and speak skillfully. English courses take students on a literary tour of the world as they access and annotate texts from many countries and multiple time periods. Students are also encouraged to become globally competitive graduates though the written word as they learn to craft informative, expository and argumentative compositions. 

Jamie Darnell, Department Chair –

Kara Bauer, English 9 and theatre,

Lawrence Costella- English 12-

Randy Davis, English 9 and Journalism,

Jane Dulin – English 11 AP, SAT –

John Hickey – English 11, Yearbook –

Rachel Cole- English 9-

Michael Joyce- English 11-

Tana King- English 10, English 11, and English 12-

Cameron Martin- English 12-

Caroline McDowell – English9, English 10 –

Cynthia Vetri – English 10, AVID 12 –