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Dundalk High School Art Department

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The Dundalk High School Art Department believes students should develop the following characteristics: 

• Competence in the use of various tools and art media 

• Appreciation of values in productive, critical/evaluative, and historical areas of art 

• Understanding of the basic elements of design and art principles 

• Understanding of individuality, creativity and capabilities of self




Courses Taught

Shawn Brennan

[email protected]

Fundamentals of Art

Photography 1

Photography 2

Yearbook 1

Yearbook Honors

Hannah Butcher

[email protected]

Fundamentals of Art

Intermediate Art

AP Studio Art

Mallory Kimmel

Fundamentals of Art

Foundations of Engineering

Madison Sparshott

[email protected]

Fundamentals of Art


Abigail Wolfe

[email protected]

Fundamentals of Art

Design and Clay 1

Design and Clay 2