Social Studies

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The Social Studies Department at Dundalk High School aspires to encourage students to explore local, national and global history and to develop skills necessary for becoming an effective citizen.  DHS teachers provide students with the opportunity for student inquiry, the appreciation for various cultures and the development of civic responsibility towards their community and country.

Students are required to earn 3-1/2 credits in social studies.  American Government, World History, United States History, and Economics and Public Issues are required to graduate.  Multiple levels of are offered for all required classes and the instructional level and materials are modified according to the needs of the students.  Students also have the opportunity to take a variety of electives including Advanced Placement classes in World History, United States History and Psychology.

Elective Courses

Psychology - This is a study of human behavior, examined within the context of the behavioral sciences of psychology and sociology. Fundamental to this course is a focus upon identity development, schools of psychology, normal and abnormal behaviors, and treatment.

History Through Sports – Using sports as a catalyst, students analyze United States history during the twentieth century.  Special emphasis is placed on social history, in particular, the status of minorities and women, and the insights sports can provide regarding the conditions and attitudes of historical eras.

Films and History – Students will develop criteria for judging the accuracy of historical films. They will view and analyze films that portray various periods of history and research life during the portrayed historical eras to determine their historical accuracy.  This will enable them to determine if movies about a historical period can be viewed for educational value and to raise questions they should consider when watching a historical film.

Advanced Placement Psychology - This course is designed to prepare students to take an advanced placement examination for college credit. Course content will be based upon demands of the examination and processes required for success on the examination.

Advanced Placement US History – This course is designed to prepare students to take an advanced placement exam for college credit.  A thematic chronological format beginning with the Reconstruction era provides the structure for this study of US history that helps students understand the evolution and relevance of their national heritage.

Advanced Placement World History – This course requires students to analyze and interpret global history through periodization and themes such as interaction, continuity and change, impacts of technology and demography, social and gender structures, cultural and intellectual developments, and functions and structures of states.  The course will be directed towards assisting students to pass the AP exam in World History.



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