Science Teaching Assignment (2018-2019)

Teachers and Assignments 

Science classes offer students a wide variety of science topics and are taught in a manner that gives students the skills needed for a globally competitive world. All science classes incorporate appropriate hand-on/minds on activities. In addition, all science teachers incorporate student centered activities that actively engage students in the science content.



Subjects Taught


Scott Bailey

Honors Forensic Science, ParaMedical Biology

Vera Barker-Hawkins

Living Systems

Bruce Blackwell

Earth Systems

Andrew Brown

Earth Systems, Hon Earth Systems, GT Earth Systems

Rita Evans (Science Department Chairperson)

Earth Systems

**Cindy Cairns (Advance Path)

Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Concepts of Physical Science

Jomac Henderson


Kurt Hendrix

Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics

Noah Hutton

Living Systems

Matt Meyer

Earth Systems, Living Systems

Nicholas Papaleo

Earth Systems

Ronald Saul

Living Systems

Brad Senft

Living Systems, Zoology

Catherine Wittemann

Earth Systems

Justin Clulow

Science Lab Assistant