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Doors on Delvale Ave. side of building to be closed after 7:50AM
Doors on the Delavale Avenue side of the building will be locked at 7:50 AM until the end of the school day!
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Afterschool Tutoring
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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Dundalk High School 2017 Graduation
June 4th 2:30 pm at Towson University, Every guest must have a ticket, Graduating Seniors need to be there by 1pm
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About US

Dundalk High School is a state of the art school; replacing the 50 year old school, this is the third incarnation of Dundalk High School. It boasts a modern gymnasium, stadium, theater, library, television studio, and cutting edge classrooms.

In order to prepare our students to meet the needs of the 21st century, D.H.S. offers many completer programs such as Advance Placement, AVID, Broadcast Technology, Homeland SecurityN.J.R.O.T.C., Parallel Enrollment with C.C.B.C., Project Lead the Way, and a shared building/campus with Sollers Point Technical High School. We work hard to ensure that each child has opportunities to become a successful member of this ever changing high tech world.