Physical Education and Health

Physical and Health Education

‚ÄčPE Department staff

The PE Department has two courses that are graduation requirements for all MD students, Health (.5 credits) and Fitness Foundations / Fitness Mastery (1.0 credits). We have several elective courses including Intro to Weight Training, Advanced Weight Training, Team Sports, Aerobics, Dance I and Dance II.

Chad Goodnight - Department Chair –

Matt Banta – Weight Training, Fitness Foundations –

Kelly Marinelli - Health, Fitness Foundations –

Rachel Nelson – Dance, Aerobics, Fitness Foundations –

Jonathan Robbins – Health, Fitness Foundations –

Jeff Tyler – Weight Training, Team Sports, Fitness Foundations –

Lisa Zanti – Team Sports, Fitness Foundations, FALS/CALS Adventure –

Kevin Tran – Health –