Learning Support

Dundalk High School Learning Support Department:

Be challenged more.

Be motivated more.

We together will achieve more. 

Learning support staff strives to work with students and families inside and outside of the classroom in order to increase and optimize post high school options.

Kathleen Albanese, Paraeducator, kalbanese@bcps.org

Ronika Bates, Paraeducator, rbates3@bcps.org

Bruce Blackwell, Science Teacher, IEP chair bblackwell3@bcps.org

Danielle Bradley, Paraeducator, dbradley2@bcps.org

Hailey Carbaugh, Science Teacher, hcarbaugh@bcps.org

Rachael Chipkin, English Teacher rchipkin@bcps.org

Rachel Cole, English Teacher, BLS Lead Teacher, rcole3@bcps.org

Lawrence Costella, English Teacher, lcotella@bcps.org

Jordan Emge, Social Studies Teacher, jemge@bcps.org

Christie Geise, FALS/CLS Teacher, cgeise@bcps.org

Kalia Green, Paraeducator, kgreen7@bcps.org

Delphia Harris, Paraeducator, dharris15@bcps.org

Glenn Hayman, Social Studies Teacher, ghaymen@bcps.org

Angelina Hindle, FALS/CLS Paraeducator, ahindle@bcps.org

Samuel Holliday, Science Teacher, sholliday@bcps.org

Melissa Homberg, English Teacher, Department Chair, mhomberg@bcps.org 

Janay Jackson, Paraeducator, jjackson5@bcps.org

Daris Johnson, Mathematics Teacher, djohnson@bcps.org

Donnell Jones, Paraeducator, djones20@bcps.org

Michael Joyce, English Teacher, mjoyce3@bcps.org

Kristina Kable, Lead FALS/CLS Teacher, kkable@bcps.org 

Caitlin Morrell, FALS/CLS Teacher, cmorrell2@bcps.org

Shawn Moss, CRD Teacher, IEP Chair, smoss@bcps.org 
Kailin Plunkett, Paraeducator, kplunkett@bcps.org

Heather Ridgely, FALS/CLS Paraeducator, hridgely@bcps.org

Sarah Romero, FALS/CLS Teacher, sromero@bcps.org

Valerie Schenck, Mathematics Teacher, vschenck@bcps.org

Jennifer Sligh, Paraeducator, jsligh@bcps.org 

Letitia Thomas, FALS/CLS Teacher, lthomas6@bcps.org

Mike Ward, Social Studies Teacher, dward5@bcps.org

Kevin Watkins, Mathematics Teacher, kwatkins@bcps.org

Johnny Witherspoon FALS/CLS Paraeducator, jwitherspoon@bcps.org

Pamela Xenakis, Mathematics Teacher, pxenakis@bcps.org