Student Schedules

You can view your student’s schedule for the upcoming school year by logging into the Focus Portal through this link:

It is important to note that schedules are tentative and subject to change before the start of the school year. If you have questions or would like to request a schedule change, you will be able to request a schedule change starting August 16th. Schedule change requests will be accepted from August 16th-September 3rd using this link: The schedule change request form will not be accessible until August 16th. We are unable to make schedule changes based on class period or teacher preference. Once you submit a schedule change request, a counselor or administrator will be in touch regarding the decision.

The Dundalk High School Counseling Team


Ms. Amanda Sands, Department Chair, [email protected]

Ms. Julie Buonato, 9th Grade Counselor,[email protected]

Ms. Renee Best, 10th Grade Counselor, [email protected]

Ms. Gabrielle Bittrick, 11th Grade Counselor, [email protected]


Mr. Shawn Tormey, 12th Grade Counselor, [email protected]

Ms. Emily Dewlin, College and Career/AVID Counselor, [email protected]

Ms. Maegan Hansen, Student Support & Owl Academy Counselor (No email yet)