Graduate Cap and Gown Distribution

Cap and Gown Distribution
Posted on 04/14/2021

We will be distributing cap and gowns that have been delivered to the school on April 28th, which is a Wednesday.  If you would like to pick up your cap and gown on this date, please make arrangements to drive or walk up to the school. As you drive up, we will get your name and have someone bring your cap and gown to you, in your car.  We require everyone, even people in cars, to wear a mask if they are interacting with any staff member. If you are walking, we will have a line for that as well.  

There will be another date and time, closer to our graduation ceremony date, in which we will distribute cap and gowns again.  If you miss the April 28th distribution, you can get it at the next date, which is TBD.  We will not be able to distribute cap and gowns during other times or on other days.  Please do not ask.