Drill Team

Dundalk High School’s NJROTC

MISSION STATEMENT:  “To instill in our cadets a sense of accomplishment by promoting patriotism, honor, self-discipline, and leadership, developing informed and valued citizens who have deep respect for self and others.”




Officer in Charge: C/LT Elliott

Assistant: C/PO1

Scheduled Meets:


Drill Team is the largest team in the unit in terms of quantity and the number of people needed to make up the team.  Previous experience in drilling is not required to succeed on the team.  Unlike all other teams in the unit, the Drill Team has a spot of cadets of all talents.  There are two main branches of the team: Armed Drill and Unarmed Drill.  Armed drill members carry rifles while drilling while unarmed members do not.  Gender is not a factor to be a member of the drill team.  Practices are Monday-Thursday unless otherwise indicated.  Cadets must take practice seriously and show up prepared to give 100%.