New Parent Update Feature in Schoology

Parents: Sign up for daily or weekly updates about your student
Posted on 11/12/2019

A new feature is available that allows parents to get weekly or daily updates about their student(s).  This allows you to receive a weekly or daily email of the progress of your students on the day and time that you choose. 

  • Log on to BCPSOne and Choose Schoology Learning Management System
  • Click the drop down next to the student name
  • Select the "Settings" feature at the bottom of the list
  • Choose the Notifications tab at the top
  • Change Email Summary to "On"
  • Choose Weekly or Daily
  • Choose the Time
  • Choose the Day of the Week
  • Set Email Notifications to "On"
  • Click Save Changes

This only needs to be done one time regardless of how many students you have and will send a summary of all students to your inbox.