Dundalk High School’s NJROTC

MISSION STATEMENT:  “To instill in our cadets a sense of accomplishment by promoting patriotism, honor, self-discipline, and leadership, developing informed and valued citizens who have deep respect for self and others.”



Officer in Charge: C/ENS

Assistant: C/PO2

Scheduled Meets:


The Athletics Team consists of the most athletic cadets in the unit.  During practices there will be push-ups, sit-ups, and running.  Athletics is a great way to become more fit as well as a better athlete.  It will take hard work and dedication but by attending practices as well as practicing alone at home the cadets will be in great condition to compete by meet time.  In addition to push-ups and sit-ups during competition cadets will compete in tug of war, relays, and kickball tournaments.  Practice days will be determined.